The 3 Signs To Know That You Are Trapped In Your Life

A lot of people are in denial that they are trapped in their lives. It is not easy to admit, but there are some signs that you can check to see if you are still one those individuals who are trying to break free from their life. Check out the signs and start assessing yourself. It is the time to do yourself a favor and lead the kind of life you deserve.

Seeking approval from others

In life, we all want to be successful. There is nothing wrong with that but we need to make sure about one thing. We should be striving hard to do it for ourselves. If you are working so hard but with the purpose of being accepted by other people, it is a sure indication that you are not free from yourself. It is important that you appreciate yourself.

Living in the shadows of the past

If you keep on thinking about the regrets you have in the past, there is no way that you can move forward. You will be stuck with that thinking. If you want to mature as a person, learning to let go of the past no matter how painful it was is a must.

Doubting your capabilities

The first fan we should have is ourselves. We need to believe in what we can do. Put in mind that if it is hard for you to trust on your capabilities, it will be harder for everybody else. Take everything as a challenge but never say that you are not capable of doing things.

Check yourself, and if you can find all these three signs, it is time to do something about your life. Nobody deserves to be trapped in ourselves because we will lose all the opportunity that comes our way.

The Top 4 Reasons Why Dictatorship Should Be Abolished

We all know what kind of government dictatorship has. There are some of us who are lucky that we haven’t experienced that that kind of governance but for the others, we know things weren’t easy. In this era, there are still some nations who are under the influence of dictatorship. Here are the reasons why it must be abolished.

No interference

A nation under a dictatorship is a country where people don’t have right to check what is going on. No branch of the government will have the power to review about the proceedings that are conducted by the government. Most of the time, it is the reason why there is abuse of authority and violation of rights.

It can quickly collapse

People are not machines that will just nod and say yes all the time. There is a limit to their patience, and if that happens, the citizens will revolt and fight for their rights. In this case, the dictatorship kind of governance will collapse in no time.

Violation of rights

Under dictatorship, there are a lot of things that we cannot do. We will be deprived of our rights to speak up even if the situation is already out of hand. It will also be the cause of numerous crimes that will just be left unresolved.


If you are under the ruling of a dictator, it will be like living in the Wild West. Execution will be rampant with no valid reason. Even people who are just trying to voice out the rights of the citizens will be executed in an instant.

These are the four reasons that we should all know. It is true that the nation’s progress will be in a fast phase, but we should all think about the welfare of the people. Power is useless if there is no more people left for the dictator to lead.

The 4 Ways To Find Freedom Through The Inner Peace

As humans, we often feel that something is hindering us from achieving what we want. It is because we are prone to a lot of negative thoughts that keep on lingering in our minds. If we want to find the freedom within ourselves, we need to look into our inner peace. Here are the ways on how we can get the freedom we are looking for.

Live at present time

All of us possess our fair share of pain and frustrations. There is no exemption with that because we are human. What we should learn is that what happened in the past should stay in the past. We should not lead a life to hold a grudge for all the pain we have experienced before.

Spare some time to walk

Walking alone is a good time that you should take advantage of to think things through. If you have any issues that you are worried about, taking a walk is a good way to relieve the stress while thinking of the possible solutions to your problems.


There are circumstances when we need to be alone so we can think about the things happening to us. The day is long so it is best if you can find an alone time when you can reflect and think about the things that are going in your mind. You can choose any time of the day but make sure to avoid doing it during the night because it can affect the quality of your sleep.


If you volunteer in helping others who are in need, you are not just doing them a favor. It is because you are helping yourself as well. Through helping the people that need it the most, you will realize the luck you have in life. It will be a lesson for you to appreciate what you have.

With all the negative thoughts that we think about every day, it is not easy to find the freedom we are looking for within ourselves. Follow the four ways, and you are surely on the right track.