Recommend Books

Freedom 2015 wants to share the best books to read that features the journey of life towards freedom. Check out the must-read literary works recommended by none other than Freedom 2015.

Sunset Song

Author: Lewis Grassic Gibbon

It is considered a classic work from Scotland based on the life of a girl who was deprived of a lot of things due to the different circumstances that she had to go through. The book was famous because it also holds a close representation of the early years of Scotland.

Joseph Knight

Author: James Robertson

It is a novel that was based on the kind of slavery present in the 18th-century era. You will see how one can fight for all his principles and the rights of the people who were brought into slavery.

The Poor Had No Lawyers

Author: Andy Wightman

It is a novel that will open up the eyes of millions of individuals. You will be able to see the difference of justice that served if you belong to the norm with no means to pay for your rights. It is inspired by political insights about the rights of land ownership.